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Internal Research Studies and Working Documents

Occasionally, faculty committees, Trustees, or administrators commission reports on focused topics of particular importance to the University community. This page is a link to recent studies of this type. The work posted covers a variety of issues, represents the efforts of many individuals or groups, and was conducted at different times. It is brought together on this page as an electronic repository of information on matters of concern and interest to the community.

This page is maintained by Mona Gardner, Special Assistant to the President, who can be reached by telephone at 309/556-3760 or by e-mail at She is happy to answer inquiries directly for studies in which she has been involved or to put questioners in contact with other IWU colleagues who are responsible for a particular project.

Internal Studies and Documents

Strategic Planning: Proposed Goals, March 2005
Dependent Tuition Benefits Project, 2004
Leekley Study of IWU Faculty Compensation, 2003-04
Academic Standards 04-05 Committee Study of Grade Distributions, Fall 1997 - May 2004
Multicultural Study Group Report, July 2003
Committee Structure Study Group Report, 2002
Teaching Evaluation Study Group Report, 2002
Academic Administrative Structure Study Group Report, 2002

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